Bed and breakfast Torquay Trafalgar House

South Devon: Enjoying the English Riviera

If you want to go on a seaside holiday and have your fill of fun in the sun, you do not need to spend much or even go beyond the borders of your home country.

You do not even have to go on a cruise just to reach the idyllic Mediterranean or coastal areas known to be prime tourist destinations. You simply had to turn your sights to Torquay.

This part of England has some of the best resorts in Europe. The presence of these establishments is a testament to the fact that this is a spot worth visiting and is being flocked to by holidaymakers.

It can be said that the weather, the fantastic landscapes, and the white, sandy coastlines of the Riviera of Devon is to be blamed for its allure. Being awarded as one of the cleanest beaches in England in 2011 also helped boost its status as a tourist destination.

If you still haven’t had your fill of the summer, head over to South Devon. Go ahead and enjoy its numerous delights, whether by the sea or inland, where a number of cultural attractions abound as well.

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Bed And Breakfast Torquay Trafalgar House